So dudebros, H&M x Isabel Marant is almost here and that means you, as a male, can finally wear her designs without being wild sus in some wedge sneakers. As with the women's offerings, the men's collection basically sexes high-fashion aesthetics with the American Southwest. The success varies, although I could definitely see some dude wearing the black jeans with Navajo print and looking not like a total butthole. I myself might even go to the store, try them on, realize how dumb I look and take them off. That's saying something! There's also some faux leather biker pants in the mix from all you struggle lords out there still on that particular been crested wave. The one thing I could actually see myself BUYING is the zip-up shawl collar sweater with the frayed yarns hanging off of it because it kind-of-sort-of-not-really looks like visvim. But, if you actually want to get serious about this shit, look for it in H&M stores worldwide on November 14.



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