Damn, it’s hard to be cool these days. Especially in school. The cliques are already forming and you haven’t even stepped foot on campus yet. You’ve got the charming personality and you’re pretty good looking—so you think. Now how in the world can you stand out among the other decent-looking, charming dudes?

Your style should be a part of you. It should accentuate both your personality and your looks because it is an extension of both. Creating your own flair and knowing what works best for you is what style is all about. But it doesn’t hurt to know what trends are hot and which ones are so two months ago, which in Internet time, is eons. Staying current on the best trends shows that you like to know what’s going on and that you care. And who loves men that care? I think you can figure it out. Before you make your appearance among your classmates, show them you’ve done some studying and got your game right because you’re up on the Style Trends to Know Right Now.