Just in time for the Jewish New Year, American Apparel released new photos showing off one of their more talked about models, a Hasidic man.

The model, Yoel Weisshaus, is an advocate against toll hikes between New York and New Jersey, and has gained personal fame for suing the Port Authority over toll prices that "exceed twofold what one earns per hour under the minimum wage." HIs involvement fits snuggly into the American Apparel philosophy of "Made in L.A.", except with a New York Metro Area twist.

While American Apparel is no stranger to the overt sexiness (some would say softcore) in their ads, this change of pace comes as both a tribute to the cultural history of Dov Charney, and a tongue-in-cheek parody of the brand itself.

The only unfortunate aspect of this ad is that, while you can likely purchase the oxford button-down and the welt-pocket pants seen on Yoel, it doesn't seem like American Apparel is selling items like Yoel's traditional fur hat.

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[via Huffington Post]