Proper Cloth have been hard at work on their latest summer collection entitled "Montauk Escape." Before you jump out your motherfucking sweatpants and ask me whether it’s inspired by Escape from New York and heavy on the Plissken-inspired leather trousers, step back and look at these glamor shots. The collection consists of literally every—barring fashion parody tees obviously—shirt you’ll need for summer: madras, oxfords, cutaways, long and short sleeved. To be honest, it took me a while to even notice the shirts because I was too busy peeping Handsomely Fly White Couple and their equally handsome Shelby Cobra. Whenever I wish I was on vacation with some honey dips in Montauk, I handle with my disappointment by drinking heavily and rolling up the sleeves on my Adam Levine for Kmart oxford.