The Internet has been a success for so many people because it provides an outlet for a person to become something they're not. For most, the anonymity of the Internet allows them to say and do things that IRL would be wildly unacceptable, but, like, with no accountability, so who gives a fuck, right? In extreme instances, people are even handed their own larger than life digital personalities without ever really asking for them, becoming what's commonly referred to as a "meme."

Such is the case with Suntjatha Conta, who, for all intents and purposes, is one of the only true memes birthed by the world of #menswear. You might know Sunjatha, or "Sune" as he prefers, simply as the "Trés Bien Shop Model Guy" if you've spent even as little as an afternoon trolling Tumblr's #menswear tag or visited Four Pins more than once. In fact, it was this very reason—knowing how ultimately creepy it was to parade a man's face on our website multiple times a week without even knowing his name—which lead us to seek him out in the first place. Sune's trajectory of #menswear lore has partly been contingent on the sheer dopeness of the clothing he wears, a true testament to Trés Bien itself, but we still couldn't help but wonder, what the fuck is up with this guy? What does he do when he's not locked in front of Trés Bien's seamless? How does he make his hair do all the stuff that it does? Does he even realize that everyone knows his face?

Hey, man. Can you tell everyone your full name and maybe how to pronounce it too? 

Sunjatha (try to pronounce it like it was french and it should be right), but everyone calls me Sune (Sounè). Don't know if the explantion makes any sense.

Where are you from and how did you first link up with Très Bien? 

I might not have a typical Swedish look but I'm actually from the same city where Très Bien is located. I first got in touch with Hannes through friends we had in common. They wanted local faces for the webshop and asked if I was interested. The rest, as they say, is history.

Outside of modeling, what are your other responsibilities at the shop?

I used to be the store manager for the physical store and I've also worked with making sure all the orders get to the customers. Nowadays however, I'm pursuing other interests.

How do you feel about being a sort of #menswear meme or muse? Is weird that your face is all over Tumblr and shared on blogs pretty much every day?

To tell you the truth, it is a bit weird actually. I started modelling pretty late and never thought it would lead to much. But I'm glad people like the pictures.

You do realize that #menswear groupies (all 5 of them) use you as this gold standard when it comes to the male form, right? 

Haha! Wow, I did not know that. That's weird. Don't get me wrong, I'm really flattered, but I never thought of myself as a "gold standard" for anything.

How would you describe your look and why do you think it has has become so popular?  

I don't know. Relaxed? I try to be myself as much as possible and not take myself too seriously. Linus Morales, the photographer, and I always have a good time in the studio. Hopefully that translates through the pictures

Have you ever modeled for anyone besides Très Bien? 

I've done some jobs here and there through the years. A few years back I did a couple of shows for Henrik Vibskov. But nothing that's been seen by as many people as the Très Bien stuff though.

Outside of menswear, what are your other interests? Did you play professional basketball in Sweden? Some dude with your same name was on the national team roster. Yes, we realize knowing that is super creepy.

Yeah, you're informed. My life used to be all about basketball. I never made the national team but I played in the Swedish League. I stopped playing when music became a bigger part of my life. Now I sing in a 80's funk inspired band called Urban Ninjas, we opened for Grammy Award winner Miguel and we're releasing our first album this fall. I've also done some collaborations with Swedish rap group Trappmusik and Slowmotion sounds artist ST 2 Lettaz from Alabama.

What do you think makes Très Bien one of the best shops in the world? I mean, outside of having you as their in-house model, of course.

They know so much about the brands they carry and every other brand in the world it seems. It's clear that this is their passion and what they love doing. I think another important part of it is that they listen to their customers and take them seriously.

I think a lot of people are wondering, what's your hair routine like?

It's actually not that impressive. I spend a maximum of five minutes a day combing it with my afropick. I mostly let it do it's thing.

What are your favorite brands? How do you dress when you're not modeling?

I think Visvim and Dries Van Noten always have interesting pieces and Our Legacy and Common Affairs are good Swedish examples. I usually dress casual with a lot of prints and color. Just like my music my sense of dressing is also influenced by the 80's.

Have you ever been recognized on the street as "The Très Bien Shop Model Guy"?

It's actually happened a couple of times. It's only been fun so far. It can be a bit awkward when people come up to you and say something like, "I was looking at you last night".