A few months back we showed you this ridiculously good lookbook for The Windmill Club's debut range of shirting. At the time we even declared it "the best lookbook of the year." We stand by that claim, but now that we've seen the F/W 13 new photoset, TWC might have some competition from itself on some The One type shit. Our boy, Liam Goslett aka Yung Gaws, served up even more pictoral bangers (built around the loose narrative of a man and woman on the run because, like, it's a lookbook and that's what you do) to showcase the newest addition to the Windmill Club collection: a hand-dyed indigo oxford cloth shirt. Like its predecessors, the shirt features sewn-on twill numbers and a spread club collar. If hand-dyed indigo and beautiful photography aren't really your thing, then the fuck are you Four Pins for? The shirts are available starting today.