49. A Bunch of Expensive Art Gets "Stolen" From Two Cali Collectors

Joan Miro: Le Grand Ordinateur, La Captive, La Femme aux Bijoux, and Le Dandy
G.H. Rothe: Colts, America's Pride, Experiment, Night, and a signed lithograph
Rembrandt: St. Jude Praying and Woman Making Water
Auguste Rodin: Untitled
Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Female
Jackson Pollock: Untitled
Henri Matisse: #268, #281, #214 and #15
Vincent van Gogh: Peasant Woman
Location: Pebble Beach, CA
Year: September 2009
Worth: $80 million

Dr. Ralph Kennaugh and Angelo Amadio reported the theft of millions of dollars of artwork on Sept. 25, 2009 from their home, but the actual heist isn't as interesting as the story that follows it: as the case unfolded it appeared that some of the most expensive artwork was uninsured. When the sheriff's department announced that the victims were suspects in the case, Kennaugh and Amadio sued the sheriff's department for defamation. If the theft was real, it's one of the biggest thefts from a private residence. It could also have been a lame attempt at insurance fraud.

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