Nearly 30 years ago, the film Scarface was released and immediately redefined the American Dream for several generations to come. Starting in the gutter and then rising to the top of the world, Tony Montana became a figure that everyone wanted to emulate, even if it meant going out with a bang. The influence of the film still resonates throughout current-day culture, and you can barely listen to a hip-hop album without at least a few references to Scarface

The movie glorified the excess and possibilities that the cocaine trade offered to anyone willing to get their hands dirty in the early '80s. Cars, women, and exotic animals were all up for grabs, but the most important thing to up-and-coming coke lords were the clothes. As soon as Tony and his partner Manny Ribera start caking, they immediately begin flossing in flashy suits and jewelry. But they're not the only ones who embody the coke steez that prevailed through the outlandishly opulent '80s. From henchmen to trap lords, these are The Best Style Moments in Scarface.

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