If Los Angeles-based Band Of Outsiders is known for anything other than eating disorder inducing preppy garments and wildly expensive polos, it's the way they continue to innovate the fashion show format. In previous seasons the label has incorporated full choreography routines and last season utilized a scavenger hunt that sent two models trekking across New York City. For S/S14, BoO shacked up in The Chateau Marmont like Lindsay Lohan on a bender to showcase and live stream their latest collection. Next spring sees an even more unmistakable relaxed motif than usual from founder/designer Scott Sternberg, as the clothes include relaxed silhouettes, not to mention a couple of particularly strong pajama looking sets. And you already know we definitely ain't mad at the heavy use of dip dyeing, which shows up on a trucker jacket, shirt, jeans and shorts. Only time will tell if all this pushes us to the brink of what we can only image will be some lazy East Coast vs. West Coast cozy boy beef.

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