On July 28, 2010, Kanye West joined Twitter. He was later than most artists and celebrities to join the platform, which got popular in 2009, and he even chastised the company for allowing fake accounts posing as him to exist before he decided to join. Everything changed when, on the same day he started tweeting from @KanyeWest, he performed new songs at Twitter and decided to be an active user.

Fast forward to the present moment, and Kanye's deleted all of tweets, except his most recent ones in promotion of Yeezus. No one knows why he did it, but it reminds us of the time he deleted his blog, KanyeUniversecity, to much of his fans' dismay. Maybe he doesn't want all of his words or content to be permanent if it's not his music, or maybe it's something else entirely.

Regardless, the days when Kanye tweeted frequently were sweet ones. He reminded his fans of his humor, honesty, vulnerability, and relatabilty post-VMA Taylor Swift interruption, and it was endearing. In particular, Kanye continued to prove that he's much more than a producer and rapper—he's an artist, inventor, curator, and facilitator of work and ideas that he wants to live on forever.

In getting ready for the June 18 release date of Yeezus, we've unearthed over 30 of Kanye's tweets specifically about art and design. If you were following him during the times they were tweeted, then you probably remember their impact. Remember when #KanyeTweets was a meme and trending topic, with even Aziz Ansari making up his own Kanye-esque tweets? Well, we do, and a lot of it stemmed from the art and design he prefers....like marble conference tables, Versace sofas, French book covers from the 1800s, Picasso, projectors, and so much more.

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Rediscovering Kanye West's Lost Art and Design Tweets