23. Club Monaco

J.Crew paved the way for flyover state bros to appreciate #menswear, yet Club Monaco quickly adopted their model and some would say did it better. Their shift from Thom Browne knock off to #menswear powerhouse can be attributed in part to the hiring of Aaron Levine, one of #menswear’s favorites and formerly of Hickey (R.I.P). Levine’s strategy since taking the reins has been partly to adopt the 3rd party brand model pioneered by J.Crew (at CM you’ll find Mark McNairy & Rancourt shoes alongside 3sixteen denim and Earnest Alexander bags), but also with a fearless design approach that tests the limits of what “regular guys” will wear. Where Club Monaco has surpassed J.Crew in the past year is in its understanding that like all trends, #menswear’s obsession with hyper-americana workwear was not lasting forever. Instead, CM finds inspiration in a mix of heritage, Italian tailoring and far flung cultures, resulting in today’s best chain retailer in #menswear.