The homies over at Public School were recently nominated for the v prestigious CFDA Swarovski Award, which is given annually to the best emerging designer in menswear. Also nominated are the talented Todd Snyder and Tim Coppens. Previous winners include the likes of Billy Reid and Robert Geller. So, as you can see, it's a big fuckin' deal and basically locks in the winner for a super influential and super relevant career in menswear, although landing a post on Four Pins pretty much already guarantees the same shit.

With the awards on deck, it should come as no surprise that Public School just dropped their S/S 13 campaign, styled by none other than Details Style Director and street style lord Eugene Tong. As you can see, it's pretty clear why these cats were nominated. They also teamed up with Swarovski on a bedazzled the fuck out BMX bike because why shouldn't you LITERALLY ride around shining if you can afford it? The CFDA Awards are June 3. I wasn't invited.