Japanese label NOMA t.d. tells us their label is based on the idea that "free interpretation creates new style". Ah, yes, #art, etc. If I may freely interpret their new S/S 13 collection, I'll say its a killer set of all of our favorite new menswear trends, including patterned bombers, man tunics, new age floral prints and high-end, art-inspired graphics. Fucking Japan, man, with those lightspeed adoption rates. Those of us stateside are still too weak to fully jump on the street goth wave, when that shit was, like, 4 seasons ago for all the Tokyo homies. Just kidding, I don't have any homies in Tokyo. But if I did, I hope they would show me how to effortlessly rock some Noma t.d. with other next level Japanese shit and then take me straight to the Jiro Dreams of Sushi guy.