From the man who brought us the genius "I love you, but" pins comes an equally clever T-shirt featuring the now notorious (i.e. played out if you're a pretentious dick) Joy Division album cover. It reads: "What is this? I've seen it on Tumblr"—a clear nod to our vapid re-blogging culture. Ok, before you tell me to shut up, know that I've been studying design for close to 4 years now (i.e. I'm a pretentious dick), so if I don't at least TRY to use some of the shit I've learned then my parents are for sure going to resent the shit out of me. And why shouldn't they if all I'm going to do is talk about sneakers on the Internet? Ok, here's what else I've got: Joy Division T-shirts are a symbol of wrongful appropriation. So, this tee is arguably a more authentic representation of youth culture than even listening to Joy Division, because Unknown Pleasures is over 30 years old! You're fucking welcome, Mom and Dad.