The Burkman Bros. teamed up with Barneys on a limited, knit-heavy offering for the S/S 13 season. Like all Burkman Bros. offerings, the collection is inspired by traveling to places you've never even Google Image searched. Putting away our as of late v depressing goth aesthetic, when the temperature starts to rise wearing black is not going to be the move. And, yo, that #menswear commandment "Thou Shalt Never Wear Shorts" shit is dumb as fuck. Like, who wants to even have a single, isolated thought about wearing jeans when it's 106 degrees outside? Anyway, both shorts in the collection are knit joints aka elastic waists for our heavyset readers and a 100% cozy boy approval rating. Feel like you're on vacation even when you're riding the F train. Shop the collection now at Barneys Co-Op locations nationwide or their online store.