2012 was a big year for menswear, if not its biggest. And big years call for big lists and by "big lists" I mean, short lists because writers are lazy and it's already fucking January 3rd. Sean and I did something similar last year, so we figured we'd run that shit back and give you guys another certified year end wrap up banger concerning everything that deserved being concerned about concerning dudes wearing clothes on the Internet and the greater world at large. The concept is simple: I hit Hotch on the Batphone at a time when he wasn't busy breaking the heart of some poor NYC fashionista, we talked our shit and conveniently packaged it right here for you in what will most assuredly be the last list about 2012 published on Four Pins forever. Happy New Year. Let's get this money.

Sean Hotchkiss is a New York based men's style writer. You can visit his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

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