In the time before DJs carried tunes on an external hard drive, vinyl ruled. Along with records, the Disk Jockey needed special tools. One of the most fascinating artifact is the 45 Adaptor, a small, simple piece of metal that enable the 45 RPM record to be played. Seminal Downtown New York DJ Jules Gayton collected inserts in the late '80s. His archive now contains some of the most superb examples of the now endangered element of music history.

Middles, Centers, Spiders, & Inserts: 45 Adapters from the Collection of Jules Gayton is the second published effort from Miss Lily's. Released in an edition of 1000, the book consists of 50 pages of photographs, a foreword written by DJ and music academic Carter Van Pelt of Columbia University's WKCR radio station, and a personal essay by Gayton detailing the genesis of his love affair with vinyl and, more specifically, 7 inch 45rpm singles.

Jules Gayton was born and raised in London. He moved to New York in 1984 to study painting, but quickly became engulfed in the city's club scene. He's been a sought after DJ ever since.

The book is available now for $20.