How I Got Started: "I first started taking photographs going into high school. I was really into graffiti at the time. The camera was really just a device for me to document what my friends and I were tagging. We were just kids looking to have fun, with no artistic intention. I would buy disposable cameras (they were really light to carry around), and then made 4x6 prints once I went through the roll. Eventually, illegal activities and the disposable cameras evolved into a Nikon F1, and Art School in Philadelphia.

"For inspiration, it varies. I'm always paying attention to light during the different times of day and the way it hits different surfaces. I'm constantly at book stores flipping through different art books/magazines. It's important to stay current and see who art directors and photo directors are hiring. I've been really into Boo George and Guy Bourdin's photography work lately. My favorites are the more classical photographers."

Tip to Getting Started: "To someone who's looking to become a professional photographer, I say, go to school in NYC, assist a professional photographer who can pay you, and don't limit yourself to just "street style" shots. There's no money in it (Tommy Ton took it all). Take pictures of everything and anything. Also, just have fun with it. SEE NEW THINGS, take road trips, and explore. It's unfortunate because I feel like a lot of kids just sit in front of Tumblr and explore pictures of road trips other people take."