Liam Saw This

How I Got Started: "I actually got into photography through mountain biking. My teenage years were spent flying off dirt jumps or competing in downhill races. I started when I was really young, like 12, because there was a gang of guys around my neighborhood who were doing it. We had a really solid crew and around the time when I was 16 and my friends were starting to do backflips and win national races, it struck me as odd that nobody was documenting it. So I started stealing my dad's old cameras—film, digital, whatever—and sneaking them down to the jumps and out to the races. I became "that guy" with the camera. Someone had to capture this insane, scatterbrained subculture we'd become a part of and I wanted to take that job on.

"I banged myself up pretty terribly one race and wasn't able to ride my bike for six months. That was the end of the world to me. With nothing else to do, I started shooting portraits of my friends, and somehow tied in my love of fashion with that. Eventually, it all came together. I've always been much more interested in documenting culture than anything else, regardless of what aspect of culture I'm covering."

Tip to Getting Started: "Only put up work that you'd pin to your fridge, so to speak. Only hits. Even if it means posting less, your work looks incredible if you don't have a single mediocre photo in the set. That's the way to do it. Never compromise, ever."