Tucked Style

How I Got Started: "I never had a clue what was in store for me as a finance major in college. I never liked to do art; I never thought I was capable. When I picked up a camera my junior year, I slowly became hooked. It wasn't enough to do full-time, but it turned into a gateway to my life now. After a two-year stint at Goldman Sachs, photography led me into a career in fashion. Here were are. I've had the amazing opportunity to contribute to GQ.com, shoot a campaign, and churn out a ton of images that show my growth as a photographer."

Tip to Getting Started: "My tip for anyone wanting to become great, which I haven't even achieved yet, is to adopt a policy of trial and error and hang around other photographers. I have read lots of things online from basic mechanics to understanding strobe photography. Nothing actually translates until you set yourself up to make real mistakes in the field. Bouncing ideas off other photographers and asking them how they do things really helps reduce the gaps in your knowledge base. Those are the things that have actually made me better over the years."