The funny thing about songs about tattoos is that a tattoo is also an evening drum signaling soldiers to return to their quarters. Yeah, a tattoo is also musical. There is a particular, inherent rhythm. 
Tattoos are also indelible marks on skin, that have never been more popular and continue to find a place in best-selling book titles and chart-topping rap songs.
Tattoos in popular music are nothing new. Groucho Mark sang "Lydia The Tattooed Lady" back in 1939. In 1981 the Rolling Stones released "Tattoo You." And, recently, Seattle rapper Nacho Picasso recorded the superb "Sweaters" which follows Atmosphere's "Woman With the Tattoo Hands" as one of the rare positive examples of tattoo reference in rap.
The songs listed here are often cringe-worthy. Some were unfortunately very popular, while others you'll probably be hearing for the first time. All 10 songs have 1 thing in common—they combine as a definite selection of the worst songs about tattoos ever recorded. 

The 10 Worst Songs About Tattoos

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