Target's right up there with H&M when it comes to high-profile designer collaborations that gets the panties of every self-proclaimed shopaholic wet. We all remember the chaos that erupted when Missoni for Target's collection dropped last year on their website, and crashed its servers soon after. This time guys get a chance to do some damage with Odin for Target's collaboration line made exclusively for men. If you're familiar with Odin, it may seem like a surprise that a shop whose aesthetic mainly encompasses darker palettes would do a line for a generally bright-eyed, cheery brand like Target, but they actually made it work. How ever this came into fruition, we're just glad it did because the collection is pretty solid. With lots of layering pieces in the fold and prices ranging from $15 to $100, it'd be wise for dudes to keep their eyes peeled September 9th when the collection drops.

Images courtesy of Fashionista

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