Veteran French graffiti writer FUZI UV TPK was a force on the Parisian subway system, pioneering his own distinct "ignorant style." Moving to a second medium, tattooing, FUZI maintained a brutal approach, inking friends with direct black line markings expressing the same ironic statements as his outdoor painting. Rather than work in a traditional location, the self-taught tattooer picks unique spots to put needle to body. "I execute [tattoos] in unusual places," he says, "because it leaves a mark on memory, not just on the skin."


I execute [tattoos] in unusual places. - FUZI


On Saturday, September 1, FUZI will take over The Hole Shop at 312 Bowery, turning it into his own tattoo shop. He's created 50 new tattoo designs for the event, each drawing on New York City directly for influence. There is money, violence, drugs, and (obviously) FUZI's personal take on each.

For a chance at one of the free tattoos, which will be on offer from 12pm to 5pm, email If you miss out on a slot, don't worry, you can still take home a signed copy of one of FUZI's books Ma Ligne and Flash Tattoo Collection No.1.

FUZI's tattoo takeover of The Hole Shop is made possible by our friends at The World's Best Ever and Citizens Of Humanity.

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