At the end of 2011, we conceded that people still love blockbuster exhibitions. We'd seen McQueen take over the Met and Maurizio Cattelan invade the Guggenheim. 2012, thus far, has been slightly more subdued, though the notion of the blockbuster still drives us to visit museums—notably to view Keith Haring at the Brooklyn Museum (and a total left field entry that took our number one spot).

The first half of 2012 has also allowed for considerable reflection. Thanks to major art shows (Frieze's New York debut in May at the head of the class) and a series of biennial and triennial exhibitions, we've been thinking about the current state of contemporary art.

Finally, street art hasn't left our hearts. Art in the Streets was unquestionably massive. 2012 sees smaller affairs, which are nonetheless ambitious and perhaps even more powerful in their attempts to push conversation about the place of graffiti in art history.

These are the exhibitions that have excited us so far in 2012.

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