Kate Moss has a book coming out soon, full of images of, yeah, you guessed it, Kate Moss. The aptly titled Kate: The Kate Moss Book was created by Kate Moss herself, the way only Kate Moss could create a book. Kate Moss selected over 350 photos of Kate Moss for Kate: The Kate Moss Book to put together a comprehensive evolution of Kate Moss as a young girl, to Kate Moss as a rising model, to Kate Moss the supermodel icon, enabling the enlightened reader to gain even more education on how and why Kate Moss became Kate Moss. You can buy Kate: The Kate Moss Book on Amazon when Kate Moss releases it on November 6th. So, you know, if you're a Kate Moss fan, there's no better way to learn more about Kate Moss than looking at Kate Moss images that Kate Moss selected herself as the best representation of Kate Moss. Kate Moss. Kate Moss. Kate Moss.