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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking summer dress for guys usually doesn’t involve the Hawaiian/floral print shirt, and when it does it’s usually within the realm of “what the fuck was he thinking?” But times and trends are changing rapidly, and so is your average dude's wardrobe. Guys are increasingly testing their sartorial swagger to find what works for them and what doesn’t.

The floral-print shirt is no exception. Where it once remained buried deep in the underbelly of fashion faux pas, or your girlfriend's closet, it’s now increasingly becoming a statement piece that reads “I’ve got some balls, and they might be bigger than yours.” It’s a piece that, decidedly, should probably be reserved for veterans in the game. But judging by what we see on the streets, it's gaining a lot of momentum with regular guys (see: non-fashion types).

Designers from all corners of the market have updated the traditional Aloha shirt with modern details like cropped, slimmer cuts, characterized by tasteful prints that won’t make it look like you just stepped off a plane and got lei’d at a tropical beach somewhere. Mahalo, friends.