On Tattooing Big K.R.I.T.

"I completely gave up on hip-hop. Completely. Stopped listening to it for like two years. I really gave up when Pimp C died, because I really loved Pimp C. I love southern hip-hop, so I was like 'aw man Pimp C gone, I don’t wanna hear nothing else.' It took Tuki a couple of months to get me to listen to K.R.I.T.  And I listened to it and I was like, 'yo, this guy is talented.'

"K.R.I.T. called me up and was said, 'yo man, I’m a major fan of your work.' Like law of attraction shit. He just wanted to pick my brain, he e respects me as a businessman. We have some good conversations every time he comes over. I turned him on to some blacksploitation movies and all these films he's never seen before and we just became real cool from that."