Mixed medium on Bristol board, 14x11.

What is your favorite memory of Sesame Street? As a little kid I remember watching the episode where Bert and Ernie explore the Pyramid and it scared the crap out of me but I liked it at the same time. The fact that Ernie was spooked out and got left alone with me and my own fears probably didn't help much. I think it also helped build my fascination with museums in some twisted way. Leave it to Sesame Street to pull all of that off in one short skit.

What does it mean to help support City of Hope? I love how this show taps into all of our memories and love for Sesame Street while also shining the light on City of Hope. I think this show is a great vehicle for achieving financial support for City of Hope and hopefully this can lead to other like-minded art shows. People enjoy purchasing a piece all the more because there is such a great cause that is a part of it.