Street art, fashion, and the stars of Sesame Street collided in LA this past weekend for a very special exhibition benefiting City of Hope's Department of Pediatrics. Organized by Neff and The Seventh Letter, the show included art work by renowned artists from around the world and was hosted by Known Gallery. The short term show yielded amazing creative results as well as making a positive impact on the local community.

Participating artists included: Aaron De La Cruz, Amanda Lynn, Anthony Lister, Askew, Augustine Kofie, Axis, Carlos Donjuan, Dabs & Myla, Dame, Danny D, Eric Dressen, Evol, Franco Vescovi, George Thompson, Haeler, Honkey Kong, Jaime Oliver, Jasper Wong, Jeff McMillan, Joe King, Kelsey Brookes, Leo Eguiarte, Les Schettkoe, Madsteez, Manny Sayes, Mambo, Mark Dean Veca, Matt Nichols, Mr. Cartoon, Munk One, Nate Van Dyke, Norm, OG Abel, Patrick Martinez, Persue, Pose, Push, Revok, Rime aka Jersey Joe, Samuel Rodriguez, Sage Vaughn, Sever, Slick, Stash, Steel, Todd Bratrud, Trevelen, Victor Reyes.

We caught up with a few of the participants, notably Madsteez and Stash, to get a sense of what involvement in the project means to them. For good measure, we're also showing the best of the exhibition for those you couldn't attend.