You're not going to find many individuals as well-versed in denim as Self Edge co-owner Kiya BabzaniRawr Denim sat down with the denim guru to cover the bases on denim and the popular San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles shops. He definitely had a lot to say, so here are a few of our favorite quotes:

On denim appeal:

I love the “every man” aspect of denim in general, how it appeals to all social classes and cultures.  It’s transcended its original purpose to the point of which most people today don’t know or care where it came from originally. I think that’s when a fabric or garment becomes truly successful.

On 7-Eleven:

I want to open a 7-Eleven.

Actually, a few of them. But bring the Japanese version to the States. The Japanese bought 7-Eleven (the entire company) about ten years ago.

That’s another story.

I love convenience stores and the concept behind them being an oasis in a busy metropolitan life.

On choosing collaborative partners:

We wait to get to know a brand for a year or two, visit them multiple times in Japan, then wait until a story inspires us. I don’t see the point of a collaboration if it doesn’t tell a story or create something that’s not been done before. The word “collaboration” doesn’t mean what it used to because so much that you see on the market nowadays is basically a private label product or a brand just slapping their name on a product.

On the state of men's style in 2012 and beyond:

I’m hoping for less disposable styles that are promoted heavily by bloggers then dropped within a season or two. I’d like to see styles that we go deeper into.

The heritage thing is bothersome because there is this illusion that what you’re buying is made better than something made in China or India or Mexico, when in reality there is no direct comparison.

There are terrible factories in those countries but there are also great factories there too. American made is great, it supports our local economy and gives local residents jobs but equating that with quality doesn’t make much sense.

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