Albert Maysles (father) / Rebekah and Sara (daughters) / Philip (son)

Albert and his brother David are the fathers of “reactive” documentary filmmaking in America. From Salesman to cult classic Grey Gardens to Gimme Shelter, the Maysles brothers brought real life to life on the big screen. Though David passed in 1987 from a stroke, Albert has remained diligent to their craft and continues to focus on his filmmaking in New York City. He heads the Maysles Institute in Harlem with his son Philip, an artist and filmmaker, which provides enrichment to the neighborhood with its unique and distinctive film programming and mentoring courses. Sara and Rebekah Maysles collaborated with their father on the companion book for Grey Gardens the film, and have worked on various projects with Anthropology and other companies showcasing their illustrations and unique collage styles. They all spend time aiding their father at the Maysles Institute.