Lal Hardy founded of New Wave Tattoo in 1979. Located in Muswell Hill, London, New Wave Tattoo has been home base for Hardy has he progressed from placing punk imagery on local youth to become a real star in the art.

Working with legends like Greg Irons, Leo Zulueta, and Don Ed Hardy, Hardy developed a diverse, yet personal style that continues to

He's also done what few other tattoo legends have - set scene for the most outstanding collection of football tattoos to emerge from a single shop (and celebrate a single team). A die hard Spurs supporter, Hardy and the New Wave team have inked a tremendous amount of fellow Tottenham fans. The individual and unique styles inherent to the shop as a whole are on view in these team tattoos. Fantastic lettering, ambitious back pieces, and playful re-invention of classic iconography... all in the name of the Yid Army.

Continue on for a full review of some of the finest... it pains me as a Gooner to say this... soccer tattoos you'll ever see.