Complex Gallery Girl's are interviewed and selected by Courtney Willis.

Name: Katie Baer Schetlick
Gallery: Jack Hanley Gallery
Home Base: Brooklyn

Favorite artist? Babette Mangolte.
Most exciting current show/recent show you attended? Watching the installation of Maeghan Reid's The Great Lumbering.
Last piece of art you acquired? A collage mailed from a friend.
Favorite piece of art? My grandfather’s photographs
Most overrated artist? I don’t like to rate artists.
What city/country has the best art? If the Internet is considered a place, the Internet.
What trend in the art world do you want to see die? Artists addressing issues of authorship, ego driven work.
Most money you ever spent on a single piece of art? I don’t really buy art.
What is your favorite art period? 1970’s New York City below 14th street.

Favorite designer? My roommates, the Hoette sisters.
Last movie seen? Sympathy for the Devil.
Last Book Read? Out of Our Heads: Why You Are Not Your Brain, and Other Lessons
from the Biology of Consciousness by Alva Noë.
Song that best represents your take on life? “When You Dance You Can Really
Love” by Neil Young.
Best place to have fun in your city? My kitchen.
Favorite rap song of all time? I can’t speak for the future but for now Tupac’s “Keep Ya Head Up.”
Favorite basketball/baseball/football team? The Dream Team.
What is your favorite city? Ramallah.
What movie best captures your style? Jodi Foster in “Taxi Driver.”
Favorite website?
What's your guilty pleasure? Belting Mariah Carey songs.
Dealbreaker for a guy/girl? The inability to go with the flow.
What is your go-to drink? Hot Toddie.
What is your best/worst date? My worst date is just dinner and best is a roadtrip.
Biggest turn-on? Passion.
Biggest trend turn-off on a guy? Styled hair.
What do you collect? Mixed Tapes I found in thrift stores.
What is your favorite tech gadget? The camera on my phone.
What's the most common statement people make about your style? Boho.

Photography by Ryan Bailey, clothing by Eighteenth.