Brooklyn-based Dennis McNett teamed with us to create an awesome set for a rad model shoot in our last issue. We hooked up with the artist this week to find out more about the project. 

For our August/September issue, you created a set for a model shoot. Can you tell me a little about the process? 

I was invited to do the page, and down in my studio I have several pieces from installations I've done previously. For this, I was thinking of Conan The Barbarian, the older film with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I was thinking of using Conan's girlfriend Valeria and the witch that cursed his soul as the models. You know, warrior women. I wanted to use the axe as part of the set, with the war eagles by their side. I am really into Nordic mythology, so I wanted this interest to play out in the shoot. 

You've also just created an installation for the Vans House of Skate. What is it like watching your work being used as a skatepark? 

That was really awesome. Andy Kessler was one of my best friends. He had a great sense of humor and I tried to incorporate that into what I built. For example, Andy had a big nose. But, he also had a great sense of humor about it. So, I built a nose and the kids were ripping it and doing sick stuff. The middle finger pinata I built is an ode to Kessler too. In like 70% of Kessler photographs, he's flicking people off. 

Have you got any exhibitions lined up for the coming months? 

I'm going to Cologne, Germany to do an art fair, Blooom, in October. I have a group show in Milan in April. I also have a few visiting artist gigs. I'm heading to University of Kentucky for one. William Shatner lives in Kentucky, so I am going to build a model of the Starship Enterprise and do a performance with the students. 

Finally, will we see another parade soon? 

I have something cooking for October 2012. It should be a really big one.