A little over a week ago, Noah Butkus opened his show "Slippery People" at HVW8 Gallery in Los Angeles. This new show is a series of paintings and drawings of people getting attacked by oozing strange blobs of comic melty-ness, and as gross and dark as it sounds, he pulls it off in a way that is both comical and visually entertaining. Somehow Butkus can make an image of a woman dripping ooze from her vagina into something almost living room-appropriate. Where we come from, that's called "skill."

Noah came up as a designer at Burton Snowboards, and later went on to work with other brands including Nike, adidas, and Complex. This new show is sponsored by Stussy and adidas, and will run through the end of July 2010. HVW8 Gallery is located at 661 North Spaulding Ave. just off of Melrose in West Hollywood.