After laying down $1.26 million on Super Bowl LVI bets, Drake ended up winning a sizable amount of money.

The Toronto rapper took home $1.4 million Sunday night, cashing in on Odell Beckham Jr.’s first quarter touchdown and the Los Angeles Rams’ win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Drizzy’s three bets were as follows: around $472,364 on the Rams to win outright (payout: $713,244); $393,636 on Beckham Jr. having more than 62.5 receiving yards (payout: $712,457); and $393,636 on OBJ to score at least one TD (payout: $846,288).

After the game, which saw OBJ take home his first ring, Drake took to Instagram to share a tribute to his longtime friend, who appeared in the rapper’s music video for his 2020 single “Laugh Now Cry Later.”

“I wish I got my flowers when everything wasn’t rosey,” he captioned a series a pictures of the wide receiver.

“How I’m supposed to smell em when everyone’s being nosy/Pictures of me victorious they making with Adobe/Make me thankful that a trophy was never what made me cozy/For now I just want to feel something/After that I wanna heal something/And after that I wanna build something/But today I just fulfilled something,” he added.

Check out Drake’s tribute to OBJ below.