Sport: Basketball
Career span: 1992-2011
Max listed playing weight: 324 lbs
Accolades: 15x All-Star, 2000 NBA MVP, 4x NBA champion

While certainly being one of the most impressive big men in NBA history, Shaquille O'Neal was also never known for being a fitness freak during his days in the league. When the Big Aristotle was in Orlando, Shaq was more like a Dwight Howard type—a cut physical specimen who could blend size and athleticism together to dominate his opponents. But once he got to the Lakers, Shaq put on a few more pounds, but had to sacrifice none of his ability while doing it. However, by the end of his playing days, when his skills had noticeably diminished, it probably didn't help that Shaq didn't know how to keep weight off. His stints with the Cavs, Suns and Celtics were definitely hindered by his preference for the cafeteria over the weight room.