Sport: Boxing
Career span: 1987-1997, 1969-1977
Max listed playing weight: 260 lbs
Accolades: Oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history, 76-5 win-loss record, 1968 Olympic gold medal

When George Foreman came back to professional boxing in 1987, he wasn't just standing around hoping to shill some grills. No, Foreman also had his eyes set on boxing's ultimate prize: the heavyweight championship belt. Amazingly, at age 45, and considerably heavier than his cut, fit physique of the 1970s, Foreman beat Michael Moorer to take the belt, and become boxing's biggest and best star in the ring. Big George would hold on to at least one of his heavyweight distinctions until he lost in a controversial decision to Shannon Briggs in 1997. Ironically once he retired he started pushing his own "lean mean fat grilling machine" a.k.a the George Foreman Grill.

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