Kyrie Irving Turns Back the Clock in New Uncle Drew Spot

We talked to Kyrie Irving about his upcoming Uncle Drew film and his future acting plans.

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Kyrie Irving's Uncle Drew character has taken on a life of its own over the past six years, with yet another milestone coming to fruition later this summer with the release of Irving's very first feature film based on his alter ego. With the film set to hit theaters on June 29, Kyrie and Pepsi have teamed up for yet another TV spot, with Drew showing off some of his swag through the years before hitting the court to do what he does best - get some buckets.

"I really think that this is just an exciting, cultural movie. It has the backstory of Uncle Drew and how it started as this internet sensation and now it's garnered so much attention and now will be in respectable theaters," Kyrie told Complex via a phone interview. The film not only features the throwback style of Uncle Drew, but also includes the likes of Shaq, Reggie Miller, Tiffany Haddish, Lisa Leslie, and more. "We have a great group of people in the film and being on set made everything a lot easier," Kyrie said. 

While Kyrie is fully focused on the upcoming Uncle Drew film, he's not ruling out the expansion of his creative ideas going forward throughout his career, especially with motivation from someone like Kobe winning an Oscar for a documentary earlier this year.

"I haven't gotten that far yet, but I think that the beautiful part is that Kobe developed a lot of his interests while he was playing and then as he retired he went full on and he was able to give it the attention it deserved," Kyrie said. "I think that's pretty awesome and I'm just going to continue my own individual journey and find out what my interests are and then hopefully have creative material as I continue to grow in whatever field - whether that be art or fashion - and just developing that as I go through the league. 

We can't wait to see what Kyrie cooks up next. For now, you can check out his latest Uncle Drew TV spot above and be sure to catch the upcoming feature film in theaters on June 29. 

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