Here Are Jeremy Lin's Headband Renditions of NBA Players from 2004

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Five days ago Harvard basketball fans were probably the only people that truly knew who Jeremy Lin was. Considering his social media explosion, you'd now be hard pressed to find somebody who DOESN"T know who the New York Knicks' starting point guard is. We learned more about his game last night after he torched the Lakers for 38 points, and today we're getting to know his personality a little bit better. In 2004 Lin was on his Xanga swag and had some fun when he couldn't sleep one night.

"ok, so yesterday, i slept from 7 pm to 10 pm and by the time midnight came around, i had way too much energy, so i did something stupid," Lin wrote. "i played around with a headband i found and tried to imitate nba players."

Lin takes pokes at Marquis Daniels, Ben Wallace, and Josh Howard among others. What's not to like about this guy?

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