The Aston Martin Lagonda Sedan Gloriously Pulls Off Four Doors

Aston Martin looks to its roots to bring back four-door Lagonda sedan.

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As of right now, the only four-door Aston Martin you can buy is the Rapide. Which is a hell of a car, but the style and look of it isn't for everybody. So the British luxury company decided to bring back the legendary Lagonda nameplate and give us another beautifully seductive four-door in proper sedan form. Or as they call it, a "super saloon." Unlike the Rapide, though, the Lagonda isn't going to be an available-to-anybody-who-wants-one type of car. It's a special-order-you-probably-aren't-important-enough-to-get-one type of car. Which makes sense, considering it was designed by the same people who built the One-77 and V12 Zagato. No word on when it will officially make its first public appearance. 


And just for reference, this is what the old Aston Martin Lagonda used to look like (in sedan and wagon form): 



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