Jeff Van Gundy Talks Knicks Culture and the Pistons Turnaround

You know when you?re watching an NBA game on ABC or ESPN, and the ref makes a questionable call and you?re inner voice is making those really great points about why that call was horrible? Don?t listen to it. Listen to Jeff Van Gundy. He?s your outer, inner voice. The former NBA coach turned on-air analyst?s commentary comes at you quicker than a Steph Curry jumper off the hesi. And it?s usually just as accurate.We spoke with the Notorious J.V.G. about opining from courtside on all things NBA, including pre-game prep on Kobe and MJ, Anthony Davis?s unreal ability, his brother Stan Van Gundy?s Pistons and more.Triangle Offense: Jeff, your color commentary?s usually loaded with snap comments about NBA rules. If there were three rules you?d like to see changed, what would they be?Jeff Van Gundy: TO: OK, so how about you give us just one specific rule change that you?d like to see?JVG: TO: What do you mean?JVG: TO: With Kobe passing Michael Jordan recently on the all-time scoring list, people are making comparisons and having the normal, "who?s better?" debates. I really want to know, what was the difference between game-planning for Kobe and MJ?JVG: TO: You coached the Knicks during a great era in New York basketball. Who was your favorite Knick to coach and why?JVG:


"People forget about Derek Harper and how important he was." Image via

Image via TheKnicksWall.comTO: What are your thoughts on the state of the franchise right now?JVG: TO: Speaking of good days, there are a few young players that look like they have a lot of good seasons ahead of them. Namely, the Pelicans? Anthony Davis. What do you think about his emergence as a real superstar in the league?JVG: TO: Commissioner Adam Silver has had so many issues thrown at him this first year. What?s your grade for him and the way he?s handled everything so far?JVG: TO: Since we?re now in a post-Donald Sterling league and the whole situation with the Atlanta Hawks is out in the open, what?s the social state of the NBA been like behind closed doors?JVG: TO: Finally, have you talked to Stan about how he can turn around the Pistons? What are your thoughts on their season, so far?JVG: Follow Terrence on Twitter @lowereastscribe

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