Kendrick Lamar Talks About His Jumpshot and Playing Basketball With Obama

Kendrick even invited Obama to a game in his hometown of Compton, California after he leaves office in January.

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Barack Obama and Kendrick Lamar are fans of each other, which equally gives Obama many cool points to the Millennial generation as well as Kendrick's work perceived as formidable to the president's constituencies in the political realm. The leader of the free world even stated one year ago that his favorite song of 2015 was K. Dot's "How Much A Dollar Cost" from his To Pimp A Butterfly album.

During a conversation with Complex at the Art Basel event in Miami on Saturday, Kendrick talked about his confidence in Obama's work after he officially leaves office next month.

"From the conversations that we had, I think he's going to be in the community still heavy. He may not be POTUS but he will be there, and to be effective inside the urban communities, and other communities around the the world."

K. Dot talked beyond Obama's impact on the world after officially leaves his lame duck presidential status behind, and quipped about his time spent with Obama at the White House, including his take on the president's game on the basketball court.

"Playing a little, he's gotta work on his jumpshot a little bit, get his left hand out over your right hand." Kendrick explained his motive for trolling the POTUS about his basketball skills. "I've been trying to bring him out, that's why I'm throwing shots at him right now."

The Compton, California MC then smiled as he gave the POTUS a summons to hit the blacktop with him for a streetball game: "I want him to come to Gonzalez Park, and Enterprise Park in Compton, CA."

Not even the most powerful man on earth is exempt from the trash talk of streetball.

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