Will Ferrari Let the 2014 Viper ACR be as Awesome as SRT Wants?

Some inter-company bickering is afoot.

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SRT was a bit blindsided by just how good the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires on the Corvette ZR1 were when it went up against the SRT Viper in its Pirelli P-Zero Corsas, and is now pressing Pirelli to develop some new tires for the upcoming, world-destroying, track-munching Viper ACR, but that's not the only development hurdle that has to be dealt with on the way to production.

Right now, the Viper'sweight-power ratio is at 5.2 lbs/hp. Parent company Fiat's other sporting subsidiary makes the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta which has a 5.2 lb/hp ratio. This is not an accident, as Ferrari has forbidden SRT from making a car with a better ratio than the Italian flagship. The Viper's 8.4L V10 currently makes 640 horses, but it has been said that pushing that figure up would be easy; it would even be easy to surpass the heavier F12's 714 hp figure. 

We have a solution that all auto enthusiasts can get behind: SRT bumps up the power of the engine to about 720 hp and Ferrari develops an F12 Scuderia that keeps pace with the Viper by either making more horsies or hitting the gym and eating a salad or two. Everybody, except the people behind the Corvette, would be happy.

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