Toyota is Tired of Waiting For Subaru to Chop The Roof Off of the FR-S/BRZ

Subaru is worried about safety, but Toyota just wants to feel the wind.

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Everybody has been expecting a convertible variant of the joint-engineered Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ since the cars dropped, but nothing more than a concept has even been unveiled. 

Now we know why. Subaru, being a company that gets the IIHS Top Safety Pick status on almost every car, is concerned about safety for the convertible. Toyota knows that people want a drop top, and is tired of waiting for Subaru to do it. This means that Toyota is now looking at taking the FR-S' top off without Subaru's help.

This could prove difficult, as all of the cars, regardless of badge, are manufactured by Subaru, but Toyota has made it clear that since this is something customers really want, it will try to make it happen.

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