The Sultan of Brunei’s Updated Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Is on eBay... Maybe

If it's real, it's a beauty, but we really think this might be a giant steaming load.

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We've said it before, and we're sure we'll say it again: the Aston Martin DB5 gets all teh press for being the James Bond car, but we think the DB4 GT Zagato is actually the coolest vintage Aston. 

This particular Zagato was owned by the Sultain of Brunei, and has had a few updates. It's rocking a DB7's powertrain, and is air conditioned, presumably because it's hot as hell in Brunei. While this all seems great, the description does seem to raise a few red flags. There was another Aston in a different country with the same VIN, that has reportedly never been shown or photographed. The seller claims that this was a mistake by Aston back in the day, and that the car was given a new VIN by the Texas DMV rather than pursuing legal action against the other car owner.

The listing ends with "WE BELIEVE THIS CAR TO BE THE GENUINE ARTICLE." and from a seller with only a 75% positive feedback rating, we're not quite so sure we trust that statement.


We're thinking this might be one of Evanta Motors' DB7-based replicas and have reached out to Aston Martin for comment.

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