5 Ways To Break Into Your Car When You Lock Yourself Out (in GIFs)

Never get stranded again with these helpful GIFs, unless you also lock your phone in your car.

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We've all been there, and it's not a fun place to be: standing outside a locked car looking at the keys through the window. They're so close, yet so inaccessible at the same time.

Luckily some smart locksmiths and evil criminals have come up with some clever ways to get at those keys, and we're here to share knowledge with you. Of course, we in no way condone using this for evil. We just want you to be able to be that slick hero who saves the day when your air-headed friend screws up the evening. That's why you should know 5 Ways To Break Into Your Car When You Lock Yourself Out in GIFs.

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The Classic

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This is one of the oldest tricks there is, and it's a classic for a reason. All you need is a strudy wedge of some sort (some doorstops work) and a rod that's stiff enough to hit the button (just don't go there).

  1. Push the wedge between the door and the frame, opening it enough to slide the rod in the hole. (We said don't go there).

  2. Hit the unlock button with the rod.

The Trade Off

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This method will get you into the car, but at the expense of something you need to start the engine. If there's something in the car that you absolutely must retrieve promptly, like a literal ticking time bomb, do this.

  1. Remove a spark plug from the engine and break it.

  2. Take one of the small ceramic pieces and throw like hell at the window. If you can't throw like a boss, use another object as a mallet to ram it into the window. Just don't end up like this dude

The MacGuyver

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Nothing will keep you locked out of a car, because MacGuyver is your patron saint. All you need to get into most cars is a sturdy string or cord of some sort.

  1. Tie a slip knot in the middle of the string.

  2. Starting at the corner of the door, work the string down until the slip knot is looped around the lock pin.

  3. Tighen the knot and pull the pin upwards.

The Tennis Ball

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Got a tennis ball? Well this is all you need to open some cars.

  1. Put a small hole in one side of the ball.

  2. Place the hole over the lock, creating a seal.

  3. Force air into the lock.

The Idiot

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This one doesn't work.

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