Nigel Sylvester Rolls Through Los Angeles in His Latest "Go!" BMX Video

Nigel Sylvester hits up L.A. on his BMX bike and runs into a whole slew of friends, from Swaggy P to Ben Baller.

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For the second installment of Nigel Sylvester's GO! video series, the pro BMxer heads to the Left Coast—Los Angeles to be exact—where he tosses an oop to Swaggy P, gets torched by Ben Baller's Ferrari, gets towed by a go-kart driven by Rob Dyrdek and—oh yeah—does some of his signature smooth street riding. Seen all from Sylvester's perspective, it's a literally dizzying take on BMX, what with the jumpcut scene changes and a never-ending run of celebrity cameos. That's L.A. for you, though. (In case you forgot, the first installment took place in Nigel's native NYC.) Filmed earlier this year, GO! was directed by longtime BMX video guy Harrison Boyce. Will there be more installments? Follow Nigel on Twitter and Instagram to know first.

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