There Will Be No More Pittsburgh Steeler Somersaults

The Steelers might need a new ritual.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers finally won a game this past Sunday. They defeated the New York Jets to push their record to 1-4 and hope to turn this win into a streak to get back in the Playoff race. One thing the Steelers will stop is their penchant for somersaults after touchdown scores.

Early in the third quarter of the Steelers win, wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders punctuated the game's only endzone score by doing a somersault into the end zone. It's not the only time that a Steeler has performed acrobatics after a score. Rookie Le'Veon Bell committed the same act two weeks earlier. The celebrations have drawn some ire from fans and the media. 

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin decided to end these celebrations immediately:

Tomlin: There will be no more somersault into the end zone celebrations. There is the potential for injury. That simple.

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