Ryan Lochte Suffers Torn MCL And Sprained ACL In Awkward Fan Interaction

Lochte will miss some time with these injuries.


Ryan Lochte suffered a torn MCL and sprained ACL when a crazed fan in Florida ran into him on the street and attempted to jump into his arms.

Lochte attempted to catch the fan, a teenage female, but both fell to the ground and Lochte's knee hit the curb. He underwent further testing after experiencing pain in the injured knee, and an MRI confirmed the injury. Lochte's publicist released the following statement, per Axon:


Luckily for Lochte, the Olympics don't happen until 2016. He should probably be able to heal up by that time so there should be no worries on the injury affecting his career in a major way.

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[via Bleacher Report]

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